Sister Patricia Chappell

Are you interested in pursuing a life of purpose and meaning?  Has your reflection about vocation uncovered the joy and adventures of religious life?  Are you interested in finding out more about why the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur may be the answer to your vocation calling?

Great!  We’re interested in finding out more about you, too!

Before you read the details about the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, we would like to introduce you to Sister Patricia.  She shares with us the moments throughout her upbringing when she felt called to serve.

"Growing up within a strong black Catholic Family, I experienced a compelling sense of call to serve and empower others. This call was nourished in the local community of New Haven, Connecticut and in the parish community of Saint Martin de Porres. It was at this parish school that I was first introduced to the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. In addition to being good educators, the sisters were no strangers to the neighborhood, often visiting our homes and being concerned about the well being of everyone, particularly the children.

It wasn,t until Sister Dolores Harrall (Sister William Virginia) appeared at St. Martin's that I ever thought that someone who looked like me could be a Sister of Notre Dame. In retrospect, it was Sister Dolores who planted the seed that was nourished by my family and Sister Marguerite O'Connor (first grade teacher, principal and later my mentor through final vows), the parish community and Rev. John P. Cook (pastor).

What sustains this call to Notre Dame is my strong belief in God's goodness made manifest in our mission, in Saint Julie's understanding that our good God provides what is needed at every stage of life and God’s promise to be with me always until the end of time."

Does your story sound similar to Sister Patricia's?  Send us an email - and let's start a conversation about how joining the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur may be the purpose and meaning you have been searching for!