Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation

The following information from the LCWR (Leadership for Women Religious) might be of interest during the busy news cycle covering visions for the nation's future.

Dear Friends,
This election year, citizens face numerous choices among competing visions for the nation's future. Catholics are called by their faith to engage in this democratic process and to carefully consider their decisions in the light of the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching. Pope Francis reminds the faithful that "a good Catholic meddles in politics, offering the best of one's self so that those who govern can govern well." 

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) is part of a coalition of Catholic advocacy organizations which has published the Revolution of Tenderness: A 2016 Election Values Reflection Guide to help voters reflect on the important issues facing the nation in the light of faith. Guided by the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching, it offers background information and questions for citizens to consider as they make faith-filled decisions about this year's election.
Download the guide at: http://popefrancis16.com

We hope you find it helpful and share it with your religious community, friends and family, lay associates, schools and parishes, ministries, social media, etc. It's great for personal reflection, group discussions, homily resource, handout at Mass, etc.

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