Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation

The Start

First, there was the murder of our sister, Sister Dorothy Stang, SNDdeN . Then in response, Sister Sarah Fahy invited several sisters over for tea one afternoon and asked us, “Dorothy died just a month ago – what are you feeling, what are you after?” We were simply sitting there, so inspired by Dorothy that we exclaimed together, “We want to take action!”

We were not called together by leadership team, nor voted into existence by a national assembly but we set out with the backing of great snd values – liberty of spirit -  Saint Julie always wanted us to be free to act and in service to those made poor.

First Actions

The question was how can we  support Sister Dorothy’s work in Brazil? We chose to honor her story and make her known. For a stretch of years we held commenorative, educational sessions at Trinity Washington University on February 12th, the anniversary of Sister Dorothy’s death. One year it snowed and people came anyway! One year Binka LeBreton, a British journalist who wrote a book about Dorothy, The Greatest Gift, which earned a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly  spoke to us.

The Global/ Local View

One night at our monthy supper meeting, we recognized that any action on behalf of care for the earth supports Sister Dorothy and the  SNDdeN Brazil Unit’s cause. We began sending out informative statements on various environmental issues via our Intranet System.  Then we offered modest amounts of grant money for environmental projects. It was a delight to see that Sisters of Notre Dame de Namure and colleagues had good projects going – several were  gardens and one was  laundry lines.


Our style is to connect. We, therefore, have sought the SNDdeN Ohio Unit’s advice and been impressed with all that they have done to honor Sister Dorothy.

We joined with thousands of protesters on the mall in DC to ban together against the Keystone Pipeline.

We promoted the Silver Spring one-day showing of the film, They Killed Sr. Dorothy which shows our sisters  valiantly defending Dorothy and the lawyer proclaiming that she is not a citizen of the US, nor of Brazil but a citizen of the world. The people went wild with cheering.

We have contributed to and spread the word about the million tree project organized by the SNddeN Brazil Unit.

And then there was the time that Sister Rebecca Spires came to DC from Brazil. We accompanied her to a Brazilian lawyer’s office whose advice she was seeking on how to move the legal process forward for land rights in Anapu.

The Amazon Connection- whatever is ours to do, we keep on.

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