Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

We are in a good place to deal with the climate chaos we are experiencing: comfortable majorities believe that climate change is truly happening and that it is largely a man-made phenomenon.

While none of us will be safe from the effects of climate change, those who did the least to cause climate disruption will be the first to suffer. This would be people who are socially, economically, culturally, politically marginalized.  There is no need to look across an ocean to find the people who will be impacted for they are in are in a neighborhood near us. They are the poor in the most neglected places. As Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, this knowledge should jolt us to action that is dramatic, swift and life - giving.

Such action requires a commitment to personal life-style changes. It also means that we have to strongly advocate and call on our government to cut greenhouse gas emissions and protect vulnerable populations while doing so. 

Many mayors across the US have already stepped up. In fact, cities are leading the way in implementing The Paris Agreement with attention to green spaces, commitment to public transport, creative waste management strategies and decarbonized development. You can Google your city’s climate change preparation to understand the current and future plans for your city or town.

Mayors know they have to mobilize the local population to adopt environmentally friendly behavior. If you can, consider helping your local area to understand and adopt effective environmental practices and behaviors. At a minimum, let’s consider initiated climate crisis conversations within our individual circles of influence on Earth Day, April 22nd.

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