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Spotlight On: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


One day nearly two years ago, we were gathered as a group of friends and the topic of cemeteries arose because of the recent death of another of our close friends.  As the conversation proceeded, we came to realize that the topic was an important one for us, since over the years the provinces in the Northeast had reconfigured several times. We formed a Cemetery Care Group to address this issue that we cared about .

CLT Visits Julie House

On Sunday, June 12, 2022 the Julie House community in Windsor, Connecticut welcomed four members of the CLT: Sisters Amarachi Ezionu, Evalyne Aseyo, Mary Johnson and Miriam Montero Bereche. They then joined us to share a lovely meal and engage us in lively conversation. The CLT gave updates on various issues and invited us to ask questions and share ideas. Afterwards in small groups we continued to enjoy conversation with our visitors. The CLT gave updates on various issues and invited the sisters to ask questions and share their ideas. Afterwards small groups of sisters continued to enjoy conversation with their visitors.

Educating, Connecting, and Growing in Cincinnati

After two years of virtual team-building and collaboration via Zoom, NDMVA National Office Staff, Site Directors, and Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in Ohio were able to gather in-person for three days of connecting, educating, and growing.


Living The Good - in Cincinnati, Phoenix, Dayton

Live The Good, a program led by Holly Schlaack, Director of Volunteer Engagement for the Ohio Unit, creates opportunities to do just that - Live The Good. Three terrific examples of that outreach took place in Cincinnati, Phoenix and Dayton.

Victoria Virgo-Christie Moves into Retirement

On Monday, June 20, 2022, the Julie House community in Windsor, Connecticut hosted a retirement party for Victoria (Vickie) Virgo-Christie. Vickie has worked at the East-West Province Center in Windsor for nearly twenty years and is retiring at the end of June.

Sharing Laudato Si Action Possibilities

The resolute Laudato Si committee of two from East-West, Sisters Joan Burke and Mary Alice McCabe, will join with the intrepid National Director of Sponsored Ministries, Sister Maria Delaney, in making the 2022 Conference for Sponsored Ministries a memorable endeavor for both students and administrators. In an effort to provide a reduced paper experience, Mary Alice has produced attractive posters in bold colors and power point presentations that feature the content to be presented at Ipswich on June 22 for students and June 28 for administrators. Joan and Mary Alice will hone in on the Laudato Si goals and engage the participants in imagining how to include in the Hallmarks both care for the earth and consciousness about environmental racism. In doing this they will invoke the voices of Pope Francis and other prophets, including Native Americans, African Americans, Youth Leaders and musicians.

Fifth Student Leadership Conference Takes Place at Emmanuel College

This June, from the 21st to the 23rd,the Fifth Student Leadership Conference took place at Emmanuel College in Boston, Massachusetts with nine of our Notre Dame high schools and seventy people including students and chaperones. A major focus of the program included sessions on developing the art of listening in order to respond to the current challenges and needs of our day.

One Thing – Over the Summer

As we witness with pain and horror the violent destruction of people, infrastructure, and the environment in Ukraine and admire those who are standing up to oppression and aggression, have we considered the other less reported casualties of the war such as the millions of Ukrainian people who forced from their homes continue to crowd as refugees into neighboring countries and the massive loss of lives in the midst of battle.

Amidst scarcity and rising prices neighbors provide the best hospitality possible. Hunger spreads across continents because Russia and Ukraine no longer ship wheat, barley, and corn to places like Africa and the Middle East. In addition to this utter and unacceptable tragedy, wartime consumption of fossil fuels releases colossal amounts of fossil fuels into the atmosphere and causes temperatures to rise.

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