Feature Story

Sister Lucyane Diniz, SNDdeN traveled from Brazil to join the Notre Dame Mission Volunteer national office staff in Baltimore, Maryland for several months.  Sister Lu has been assisting with NDMV programming including recruitment and coordinating Catholic Volunteer Network discernment retreats. She has already enlivened the office with her spirit and enthusiasm.

Sister Lu says she’s hoping to learn more skills for organizing a volunteer program
in Brazil. In the United States, she finds that volunteering can
look more like a full-time job—teaching many
practical skills and allowing volunteers to
reflect on their vocation. She says a program
in Brazil would start smaller, but even though the realities are very different, the spirit of commitment to justice and the poor are the same in both countries and the spirit of service is embodied in each.

During her visit, Sister Lu has had the opportunity to attend two discernment retreats, where she met people from different parts of the US. The idea of regular retreats is something she plans to bring back.

“I think that we, Sisters in Ceará, Brazil are trying to walk with the people, to be a support to them in their struggles and are saying, in our way, how our God is good.”

Recently, Sister Lu shared the tucum rings of Brazil with the Baltimore office. They symbolize a commitment to solidarity with the poor. They are a deep reminder that while our cultures and languages may be very different, we are united in the work for justice and strengthened by the same spirit of Notre Dame.