Feature Story

On February 13, 2016, Sister Nancy Uhl made her Perpetual Vows as a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur at St Louise de Marillac Parish in Covina, California, where she serves as a Pastoral Counselor.

A winding path brought Nancy to this special day- a day that would have seemed improbable a few years ago.

Born in Ohio, Nancy lived in several US states before moving to San Diego. From there, Nancy moved to Los Angeles where she worked for a non-profit agency. Along with her administrative work, Nancy volunteered several evenings a month to support agency clients as they waited to receive health care at a local clinic.

It was at that time that Nancy met her soon to be husband, Chuck. They married and were blessed with a daughter, Sarah. Nancy was a wife, mom and working professional balancing work/family issues and loving her life. During this time, Chuck became ill and eventually passed away, which was a deeply painful experience for Nancy and her daughter. Nancy slowly went through the stages of grief. It was a difficult period.

As time went on, things gradually readjusted and Nancy continued her work at the non-profit, was a single mom and participated in community and parish activities. After a while, Nancy felt a strong pull toward religious life- a call that had never occurred to her before. After dismissing it as impossible, Nancy decided to test this call by meeting with a spiritual director and began to understand the possibility of entering a religious community.

She attended a religious education conference intending to explore this more. Nancy met Sister Marie Annette, SNDdeN at the conference and discussed the questions she had about religious life.  Soon the discernment process began.

As Nancy considered the possibility
of joining the Sisters of Notre Dane de Namur a main concern was the impact this would have on her daughter. When Nancy told Sarah, she replied, “Go for it, Mom. You deserve to be happy.” Nancy entered Notre Dame, with Sister Caroline Sanchez, Virginia Unger and then Kathryn Keenan as her Mentors.

Nancy resides in community with other Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in Los Angeles and commutes to her ministry.

 “It is a great ministry.” Nancy said. “I work with the parishioners as they face the challenges of life, help them with specific issues and share the goodness of God in every way that I can.

Nancy shared that she appreciates and enjoys the opportunity to live a vowed life as a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur. “It brings the strength and support of community as well as the time for prayer and reflection and a ministry I love.

God is definitely a God of second chances. This is where I am meant to be. I look forward to my continuing journey as a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur.”