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The first face-to face gathering of the USA East-West Province took place at a gathering held at in Baltimore, Maryland from July 7-10. Putting together a plan to get sisters and associates from across the country in one spot took a great deal of planning and creativity. The Coordinating Committee called on the expertise of musicians, poets, artists, facilitators, folks with many gifts and talents to pull it all together.

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On July 7th, as the sisters and associates began to arrive, old friends greeted one another and new ones met upon arrival. The hotel lobby was a very busy and joyous place.

We began the first meeting with an opening prayer. Participants were then asked to sit not with old friends, but with new ones. Immediately, there was a quick exchange of information, a warm welcome from the committee, and then, a true celebration of our Notre Dame heritage, its richness and diversity in song and prayer.

We introduced ourselves at our tables, sharing the response to the question: from where or what had we come to this meeting? Later on, the question expanded to a deeper question. What on our journey in Notre Dame had an impact on our relationship with God? What challenge or joy or change helped us to grow or be strengthened in that relationship?

A surprising part of the meeting came with our team shared blessings with the gathering and then called up Gillian Wallace to receive the medal as our newest SNDdeN affiliate. We all joined in blessing her as well as the three sisters of the Namur Community in Belmont, California who will form Gillian's new community. It was a beautiful and touching ceremony.


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